Tigray Liberation Bahar gojemini government has been destroyed inidešoriye – including tanks is traveling unconditionally Bure Guzamn

(Reuters) The government is preparing for the Liberation of Tigray and Gojjam goniderini liyewedimeti āmerewini particularly as Syria and its people :: Today, the TPLF Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn enemy forces to destroy āmerewini conveying the following command line Dessie steel armored cars took the weapons to become the go-to Gojam and Gondar Reuters reported sources ::

According to sources, the report ch’ech’eho but these Dessie way to aid in Tigray Liberation what was happening, but the government Efforts to stop the soldiers and people-her failed effort to Reuters ::

Bure Guzamn weapons unconditionally to the other tanks gracious eyewitness said that the aid-Minnesota :: Local residents said that if Alvarez is iyegegeze Gondar and Tigray Liberation high population to massacre the government, including tanks lively determined ::

posted tigi flate



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